About Magic Dry US

Magic Dry Palm Trees

Utilizing the all-natural, super-absorbency of coconut husks, Magic Dry US is the perfect solution to all kinds of liquid spills. Chemical-free and 100-percent environmentally friendly, the best absorbent ever is now available for sale in a variety of industrial, automotive and household sizes.

Magic Dry US is thirsty for spilled oil, grease, coolant, fuel, chemicals, paint and all manner of industrial fluids. Basically, if you have a liquid spill, Magic Dry US is the answer.

One of the top benefits of our product is Magic Dry US’s adherence to all governmental regulations. Because it’s made from a simple organic substance with no additives of any kind, even devoted environmentalists approve of Magic Dry US. 

Magic Dry US is so absorbent, it actually lifts liquids out of hard surfaces to give the ultimate clean-up application. It’s also easy to collect and dispose of when saturated.

Magic Dry US works on a variety of surfaces, including water, where it can be used to clean up oil and chemical spills that must be contained as quickly as possible.

Because it’s made from coconut, Magic Dry US is much lighter than any absorbent on the market. This makes it easy to use and quick to transport to spill sites.

Magic Dry US is made in the heart of America at our facility in Sikeston, Missouri.


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