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Magic Dry - cleans up household messes

Spilled grease or cooking oil in the kitchen, dropped paint from a honey-do project, water from leaky pipes soaking into a hardwood floor, oil leaks staining the floor in the garage…let's face it, accidents happen all the time, even at home. Keeping Magic Dry Organic Absorbent handy will help you clean up all many of liquid spills in no time. Even smelly messes like baby vomit are over in seconds because of the incredible absorbency and odor-capturing magic of our all-natural product.

Of course, because Magic Dry is all made entirely from coconuts with no chemicals added, it's completely safe for your family, your pets and the environment. Magic Dry is available in handy one-pound bags that fit easily under the kitchen sink. Other sizes are also available.


100% Organic Multi-Purpose Absorbent

Magic Dry US, 100% Naturally made from coconut shells

    Magic Dry US is made in the heart of American at our facility in Sikeston, Missouri


    Magic Dry US is five times more absorbent than any clay-based absorbent currently on the market.


    Magic Dry US works on a variety of surfaces, including water! It can be used to clean up oil and chemical spills that must be contained as quickly as possible


    Magic Dry US absorbs five times the amount of liquid as conventional clay-based products, making it the most efficient absorbent on the market today