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"Magic Dry US is a great product. It's easier to use than anything we've tried in the past, it's not messy at all and it's very quick. It’s so much better than the traditional cat litter product we were using on spills.
"One of the things I noticed right away is that it not only absorbs spills but it also cleans the floor when you finish using the product. It fast and doesn't make a mess, which is important to us in a body shop environment because we don’t want dust.
"We have quite a few spills from lacquer thinner, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze and water. It even cleans up paint. There are numerous things spilt on the floor and Magic Dry US handles it all. I highly recommend it."
Greg Tyler
GT Automotive Restoration Industrial
Magic Dry is the best absorbent I have ever used. It works faster and I use less than any other brand I have tried. I will never go back to a clay base oil dry.
Charles Myers
Myers Motorsports
I operate a small towing company just outside Springfield, MO. We work very closely with several fire departments throughout the county. An issue that we are constantly faced with is the containment / clean up of the fluids after an auto accident. The mixture of antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, fuel & battery acid makes for a slimy, nasty mess. If not cleaned from the road surface correctly and thoroughtly, this can actually contribute to another accident. We recently had your product brought to our attention. We purchased several bags to try out. The results are exceptional. In the attached pictures of the a recent 3 vehicle wreck, ALL the fluids were contained and completely absorbed by Magic Dry. What truly is impressive; this was achieved with 1/3 (2-3 lbs) of a 8 lb bag of Magic Dry - and NO DUST. Typically we carry around 40 lb bags of clay absorbent or rice hull ash but the bags are big, heavy, DUSTY and make a constant mess in the vehicles that transport the products. This is what really makes this great - a lightweight 8 lb bag of Magic Dry can EASILY be kept in the vehicle. A corner of the bag, cut open, can be rolled and clipped for secure storage - WITH NO MESS. We used 2-3 lbs of Magic Dry to clean up this accident. Typically we would have used 20 lbs of clay absorbent. Needless to say, our Magic Dry experience has sparked a lot of interest with the surrounding fire departments also. Thanks for a great product!
Greg Raines
CEO Pro Tow, LLC
Willard, MO